Lost in a Prison

Gakulisan, a free-practicing wizard, and Foltez, a rogue assassin, are currently attempting to break into the Arnithian mages' tower to rescue two family members. Unanticipated traps have left them nearly incapacitated. Panic has set in and the scene, told from Gakulisan's point of view, is currently at a standstill.
(my inspiration for the mage's tower)

Why do I empathize so much with my characters? For two weeks I've been writing this scene, and have only been able to write a few sentences at a time. The wizard's fear and anxiety is my own, and I can't tolerate putting myself into it for a long period of time.

I keep thinking about Heath Ledger after filming The Dark Knight. The theory at the time was he had gotten so into playing the character of the Joker that it got to his head.

Back to writing. Keep a thought out for Gakulisan and Foltez that they make it through this trial unscathed. And possibly me as well. :)


As I near the end of writing Fire Born, I have decided to create this blog to share her story.

Fire Born is the first book in the Flight Moon series, which I started writing in  the 90s. For some that might not seem significant, but since I was ten at the time (yes I'm young), Flight Moon has been apart of my life since the beginning.

I plan to publish Fire Born by the end of the summer, 2012, and since I'm a school counselor (and off for the summer - woot!) I might actually accomplish that.

On the above pages you will find personal artwork, excerpts, updates, and a guest book. Thank you for coming in and I hope you enjoy your stay ;-)