Meet Corban, the rogue brother of Dornata and uncle to the two twins in FIRE BORN.

 This picture from Dungeons and Dragons' "Thief" reminds me of him.

When I was young, I actually thought I had made up the name "Corban", until I saw The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis playing as 'Corban Dallas'.

Corban deals with being an outcast, due to his mother being an elf, by becoming reclusive. He disappears for months at a time.

Here are some pictures that remind me of Corban:

 (Yes, The Dark Knight, I know)

(He is half elf, after all)

The opening scene of FIRE BORN, Book One of the Flight Moon Series opens with him:


Corban cursed the wind. It rushed past him like a playful child. He tried to match his pace with its free wandering, but his feet couldn't keep up. No matter how fast he ran, the wind gusted easily ahead of him.
He slowed at the edge of a ravine and leaned heavily on an old pine. The wind played against his cloak, sending tendrils of snow swirling around him. Blood pounded into his numb skin as he tried to catch his breath.
The snow crunched behind him. He spun round, searching between the trees, but saw no one. He could barely hear past his heartbeat. The only movement was the snow and wind between the branches.
His brief pause caused his body to stiffen, overcome with fatigue and chill, but he forced himself to resume his race. He circled the ravine, to the cabin nestled on the opposite side. Glancing back at the forest again, he pushed open the wooden door.
A torrent of snow and wind rushed inside. Corban stayed at the threshold, the heat offering no comfort. He lifted his heavy gaze, finding the four occupants of the cabin staring at him. "They are coming for her."


End of Sample 

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