Aerial Battle ~ Dragons!

My main character Flight Moon is in the middle of an aerial battle between her and three other dragons.

Her adversaries? A cunning, black dragon and a large earth dragon. She has already injured a smaller red dragon, who is no longer a threat.

Azrix, the black dragon, has already torn a piece off her shoulder in a previous battle.
Here is a painting that inspires me for his character:

With a head like a Nazgul dragon:

When conceptualizing the two enemy dragons, I realized that they were very characteristic of two snakes. Azrix, like the black mamba:

And the large brown dragon, like a viper:

Azrix's fighting style is modeled after the black mamba, temperamental and impulsive:

And the brown dragon, strong, patient, and direct like a viper:

Flight Moon is larger than either of them, but she must outsmart them. She is swift and agile, and has a vendetta to settle.